[Healeys] Quick change rotors - Ford v Ferrari

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Chris and Richard

There were two teams who used slightly different variations on this theme to change both the callipers, discs 
etc. in the V8 Supercars Race at Bathurst in October this year.

If you Google Supercars brake changes 2019 and go to the 1st video DJRTP and T8’s different approaches
to brake changes you will see how it’s done in less than a minute. Sorry I tried to incorporate the direct URL
but it doesn’t seem to want to respond

There is if I remember correctly an even better illustration of this change over at some time during the actual 
race broadcast. Appears about two thirds of the way through the race.



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Here's a thread which discusses it in some detail

On 14 Dec 2019, at 5:35 am, richard mayor <boyracer466 at gmail.com> wrote:

  Been doing some research. The rotor discs were detachable from the hat  that could be removed without removing the hub. The caliper would be pivoted to the side to allow the disc removal. A quick release latch was fitted to the calipers to the allow a quick change replacment of the pads.  All done in a few minutes.


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