[Healeys] Thanks for all the help

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I liked the idea of keeping my car original as possible so as to experience
[relive] the feeling of driving in the 60's when the car was new. This is
best accomplished on 2 lane back roads, not freeways or in the city.
Stopping in a small town and hearing kids say, " look at the car with
bicycle wheels" is a delight. Thanks DMH for your creation !  Kimo

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> "Concourse" is shorthand for a car that is restored or maintained in close
> to original specifications. Calling that bullshit is bullshit. It does not
> have anything to do with the owner's decision to drive it or trailer it. In
> the US a concours car can receive points for driving to the event. I agree
> that I enjoy the fun of driving my Healey too much to want to trailer it to
> an event. In my experience, the cars with the cars that most often have
> issues on a long road trip are the ones that have poorly executed owner
> installed changes/modifications/improvements or are simply not well
> maintained. Cars that are well restored & generally adhere to original
> specifications rarely have issues.
> Gary Hodson
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> That looks very neat and tidy. Time to get it dirty. However fit some air
> filters in a cold box first. Avoid the foam affairs because of severe fire
> risk. These cars are for driving. All this concourse stuff is bullshit. Use
> them, make them safe to drive in modern traffic and enjoy them. We have
> friends that use their A-H cars as a daily driver and rebuild the car every
> so often if and when extensive repairs are needed.
> To many concourse trailer queens about that may not even be fit for
> driving.
> Kees Oudesluijs
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