[Healeys] Thanks for all the help

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When I suggested, in an earlier email, that an owner should have a Parts Manual at the ready along with a Concours Guide, rather than a Moss catalogue alone, it was meant to let an owner know that one would be able to determine how things fit together much better with using these two resource books rather than a catalogue from a firm that sells parts.
The Concours Guide has been carefully put together by dedicated Healey enthusiasts that have done an extensive amount of research prior to actually confirming how a part fitted and on what model it was fitted on etc. There will always be extreme in both the Concours crowd and the ones that will modify their car so that it is an Austin-Healey in name only. The majority of the owners are somewhere in between.
One interesting fact is that at the most recent AHCA Conclave in Deadwood, South Dakota, in September 2019, there was only one car entered for Concours Judging and the owner drove it from his residence some 400 miles away, had it judged, received a Gold level and drove it back home.
I agree that all Austin-Healeys are cars and they are meant to be driven and the more you drive them, the better they run and he more enjoyment you get from them.


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That looks very neat and tidy. Time to get it dirty. However fit some air filters in a cold box first. Avoid the foam affairs because of severe fire risk. These cars are for driving. All this concourse stuff is bullshit. Use them, make them safe to drive in modern traffic and enjoy them. We have friends that use their A-H cars as a daily driver and rebuild the car every so often if and when extensive repairs are needed.

To many concourse trailer queens about that may not even be fit for driving.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 12-12-2019 om 04:05 schreef richard mayor:
The 1960 BT7 that I have been working on is not concours.  I can't go into details right now but here's a photo of the engine compartment.

[cid:image002.jpg at 01D5B0D1.BE9755A0]


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