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"Concourse" is shorthand for a car that is restored or maintained in close to original specifications. Calling that bullshit is bullshit. It does not have anything to do with the owner's decision to drive it or trailer it. In the US a concours car can receive points for driving to the event. I agree that I enjoy the fun of driving my Healey too much to want to trailer it to an event. In my experience, the cars with the cars that most often have issues on a long road trip are the ones that have poorly executed owner installed changes/modifications/improvements or are simply not well maintained. Cars that are well restored & generally adhere to original specifications rarely have issues. 
Gary Hodson

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 That looks very neat and tidy. Time to get it dirty. However fit some air filters in a cold box first. Avoid the foam affairs because of severe fire risk. These cars are for driving. All this concourse stuff is bullshit. Use them, make them safe to drive in modern traffic and enjoy them. We have friends that use their A-H cars as a daily driver and rebuild the car every so often if and when extensive repairs are needed. 
  To many concourse trailer queens about that may not even be fit for driving.
  Kees Oudesluijs 

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