[Healeys] Another top bow question - 2 seater

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Yes the legs are threaded and while it says there are screws there they are really bolts, ¼” with a nut tight to the frame when adjusted so that the bolts do not move in or out.
I would not count on a Moss catalogue when doing a restoration, a Parts Manual is really a must as well as the Concours Guide, whether or not you want to do your car to Concours. In this instance the bolts are shown in the parts catalogue, in the drawing of the top but there are no parts number for them, and there are a fair number of items like that in any of the parts catalogue for the Austin-Healey, Another one on the BN6/BN7 is the round black cover that is snapped in place underneath the forward part of the trunk hinges, the part is not shown anywhere in any of the parts manual.


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The ends of the legs are threaded. The Robbins section of my Moss catalogue says "the legs had adjusting screws to adjust the tension".  Would these have been cap screws or pan head screws or something unusual?  Again, the Moss catalogue does not show these screws.

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