[Healeys] Wednesday Rant

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Wed Dec 11 08:26:33 MST 2019

I am retrofitting a 3000 disc brake setup to a BN2.  I invested in new correct front splines hubs for this purpose and all the appropriate hardware involved.  Now, the shim I bought do not look like they will fit over the diameter of the stub axle at the location (against the distance piece, behind the outer bearing).  Is there an inner diameter difference between BJ8 shims and earlier front suspensions?  Did I buy the wrong shims?  This job just gets to be more fun all the time.Mike MacLean
P.S. Thanks for the clarification on shim location.  Apparantly I could have put a half inch of shims behind the tabbed washer and would never have been adjusted correctly.  I understand why they must go where they go now.  Just takes a while to get through this thick skull of mine.

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