[Healeys] Distributor, PerTronix.

simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com
Tue Apr 30 17:21:13 MDT 2019

You may have read my mail about coils. Probably gave up half way through and
so wouldn't have reached a question at its end.

During all this saga, I thought that I might swap my 123Ignition distributor
with my spare Lucas plus PerTronix which I always carried in the boot. (I
take it that an electronic ignition is either 100% alive or 100% dead). But,
I was trying everything.

So, the wretched thing is dead as a Dodo. It wasn't when it went into the
(dry) boot; worked well.

Question:- can one bench test a PerTronix? Within or without a distributor.
I mean bench test at home, not in a fancy lab.

It's an Ignitor not an Ignitor II.

I can see myself putting points back in...hey ho.



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