[Healeys] Land Rover Breather

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Apr 29 22:47:44 MDT 2019


Atlantic British was very responsive, esp. for a $13 part. They're 
probably wondering why the sudden interest in Land Rover axle breathers.


On 4/29/2019 8:21 PM, rrengineer.mike wrote:
> So glad someone had the conversation about axle breathers.  Turns out 
> the breather on the BN2 axle for my restoration was plugged up solid.  
> Bought a Land Rover axle breather from Atlantic British.  They sell 
> only Land Rover parts.  The picture shows it installed on my axle that 
> is yet to go into the car.  The new breather has what sounds like a 
> ball check in it.  The old original had no moving parts or at least it 
> seemed that way.  In any case I am glad someone brought this up.
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