[Healeys] BN2 Leaf Springs

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Mon Apr 29 19:21:55 MDT 2019

I just received the leaf spring set from BCC Parts in the UK.  There are definitely differences.  The BCC springs are made in Sheffield.  The Moss leaf springs say made in England.  Made in India, assembled in England?  In any case, the BCC springs are supposed to give the correct ride height according to the salesman I talked to over the phone.  It may be true.  You can see in the picture the difference with one end of bothered Moss and BCC side by side (Moss is in the left).  You might sit up a bit higher in the rear with the Moss springs.  It only cost $125 more for the BCC springs compared to ordering directly from Moss.  As to whether they are better or not, maybe someone can chime in if they were satisfied with the Moss springs.Mike MacLeanSent from my Samsung Galaxy , an AT&T LTE smartphone
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