[Healeys] Archive list

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Sun Apr 28 13:22:39 MDT 2019

On 4/28/19 1:16 PM, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Sirs,
> I have been trying to access the archive list but keep getting a 
> message saying that I do not have permission to use it and that it is 
> forbidden, any suggestions?
> Brad Holden
> 67 BJ8

"Archives still need work, though, both the searchable MhArc based one 
and the mailman built-in pipermail archive.  I hope to get those back on 
the air within the next few days before I leave on a week long 
vacation.  I should have basic email and web access on my laptop, but 
won't have access to the server if I need to muck with any problems that 
may crop up while I am gone."

The above is an excerpt from the "Team.Net server update" message I sent 
out early this morning.  You know, the one where I screwed up the


link.  Never a dull moment around here.


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