[Healeys] Cruise Control on a 1965 3000

R. Lindsay 050.rpl at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 09:39:03 MDT 2019

I installed this unit a few years ago. It’s not like a new car but it’s pretty good. 

I tried the magnets but had little luck so I went to the 250-4165 signal generator which really improved performance. I also installed the 250-3592 switch in the ashtray.  I used two relays. One for the engagement light and a second for the brake lights. 

As for the settings, I started with 2&8 on with the rest off. I have notes telling me of changes and results (all bad) but I can’t find where my final set up is unless I pull the unit. Hopefully someone else has the info for you. 

Good luck. Once you have it in and programmed, you’re going to like it. 

Price Lindsay
67 BJ8

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> On Apr 28, 2019, at 12:13 AM, "3000mk3 at bighealey.org" <3000mk3 at bighealey.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Some time ago my Audiovox CCS-100 100 vacuum Cruise Contol stopped working, even with it was working it didn't work all that well. 
> I am changing over to a Rostra Global Cruise Universal Cruise Control (250-1223). 
> My plan is to keep the control switches and pick-up magnets on the drive shaft. 
> Any anyone installed a GlobalCruise (250-1223) unit and would you know/remember how the 12 switch settings need to be set to?
> thanks in advance,
> Tom Mitchell 
> 1965 BJ8 Mark III
> <Rostra Global Cruise Universal Cruise Control (250-1223) switch setting.JPG>
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