[Healeys] Back up/ reversing light

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Wed Apr 24 03:17:47 MDT 2019

A small but powerful spotlight is an ideal reversing light. Many very 
slim LED versions are on the market and can be easily fitted, as they 
are often attached by double-sided tape. Position in the middle on top 
of the bumper is probably best.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 24-4-2019 om 10:42 schreef Peter Dzwig:
> Freed,
> FWIW I had the same issue with my 100/6. We simply wired in a standard
> Lucas spot attached to the rear bumper and ran it through to an
> additional switch on the dash. There really isn't a way to get it to
> turn on when you hit reverse.
> The real issue is to make sure that whatever you fit is in a position
> and of a strength that it gives you enough light to see!
> IMHO the small ones that drop below the bumper don't serve modern needs
> and are also liable to get knocked off if the ground is uneven.
> Peter
> On 17/04/2019 18:51, Fred Wescoe wrote:
>> Listers,
>> I have often thought about installing a back up light on my BJ8.  There
>> are many on the market so actually obtaining a period correct unit is
>> not an issue.
>> This past weekend, I found myself in a position where I needed to
>> reverse and go forward a couple of times to get out of a parking space.
>> I decided that I need to look hard at installing the light.
>> Now, the question is where and how to install it and more importantly,
>> how do I wire the light to come on when I shift into reverse.
>> Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.
>> Fred
>> 66 BJ8
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