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After backing into the bumper of a truck, in the dark, in the rain (doing only minor damage to the Healey and none to the truck, fortunately) I decided to install a reversing light.  I won an eBay auction by NOS Locators (Pawtucket, RI) for a Lucas replica L494 reversing light.  From another source, I bought an original (used) Lucas push/pull lighted switch to operate the light.  Mounting the reversing light was the biggest issue because it doesn't come with a bracket to attach to the bumper.  I happened to find a suitable bracket in my materials bin.  All of the local auto parts houses had scads of switches, but none of them had a suitable mounting plate.  I made one from my materials bin and riveted it to the existing switch panel under the dash (mounted to the windshield washer motor bracket). 

The light appeared to be of pretty good quality for a reproduction.  After installing the light and switch, the light worked as expected.  The only problem was the first time I washed the car, the LUCAS decal on the lens washed off.   Original Lucas lenses are available.

We've had the discussion before about modifying the gearbox to accommodate a switch operated by the gearshift lever.  That was too complicated for me.


Steve Byers


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I have often thought about installing a back up light on my BJ8.  There are many on the market so actually obtaining a period correct unit is not an issue.


This past weekend, I found myself in a position where I needed to reverse and go forward a couple of times to get out of a parking space.  I decided that I need to look hard at installing the light.


Now, the question is where and how to install it and more importantly, how do I wire the light to come on when I shift into reverse.


Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.



66 BJ8



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