[Healeys] Back up/ reversing light

Perry healeyguy at aol.com
Wed Apr 17 16:45:40 MDT 2019

Ok, your question required yet another trip to the garage, my wife asked if I got lost this time even though its only 20 feet from the computer. 
Grabbed a center shift gearbox top cover and it would appear to be a relatively easy job. Using the same switch that is used for the overdrive control, drill and tap the area opposite the OD switch so that the switch is depressed when the gearbox shifter is placed in reverse. That side of the shifter area on the top plate is slightly less thick than the side that has the OD switch but should be adequate. The fiddly part is determining the best place to drill the hole. A fully assembled gearbox with shifter in place should make this decision easier. I have a photo of the location but the list is iffy on photos. 
Any thoughts from the list?


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