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I had a similar experience on my 100. It turn out to be not the stud, but rather a small aluminum "cover" on the front of the engine block. If I remember correctly, the cover was about three inches tall by two inches wide and and about 1/4 thick, and because it was aluminum, it had eroded away unevenly, some of the aluminum "eaten" away and it was dripping, a slow leak. The "eating" was caused by the two different metals touching and introducing "coolant" into the mix.
   Russ Thompson and I found a piece of aluminum in his shop, used the old cover as a pattern and cut a new one on a band saw and then drilled the holes for the studs. Took us two tries to get the size and drill holes correct, but with a little sanding, we matched the shape of the old one, and were able to bolt everything back together. I can't remember if we made a gasket or not, but it didn't leak any more and lasted until I lost my car.
   Not sure if your problem is the same, but that was my problem and the fix worked. No larger bolts, no drilling, just some patience and good thinking on Russ' part.
Steven Kingsbury
BN1 #598 (Now resting in peace)  

On Apr 17, 2019, at 06:28 AM, Wayne <waschu2 at gmail.com> wrote:


      My recent message  about  a slight coolant leak that seems to
come from the generator mount bracket studs is on a 100/4.  I am pretty
sure the studs go into the water jacket. Anyone seen this before?



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