[Healeys] Coolant leaks generator mount studs

Peter & Veronica greylinn at ozemail.com.au
Wed Apr 17 00:12:12 MDT 2019

..on BN1/2 engines the generator stud holes go into the water jacket.

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Haven't built an engine in a while, but IIRC the generator mount should 
not be exposed to any coolant (it's basically a tappet cover with 
mounts).  Earlier cars had a blanking plate in that area, but it's 
probably just to cover the hole for a mechanical fuel pump and shouldn't 
be near any coolant, either.  Have you checked around the thermostat 
housing; they corrode and could leak?


On 4/16/2019 2:26 PM, Wayne Schultz wrote:
> Seem to be leaking coolant, slightly around the generator mount studs. 
> Hoping this is the leak and not the head gasket. Ideas.
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