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I was thinking about this......in my case at least, I simply swapped
Halogens for LEDs. Thus I used the same reflectors (silvered bowls) and
lenses (glass front with their patterns designed for maximum efficiency).
I believed that whatever the Halogens did, the LEDs would do, but more so.
If you see what I mean.
If your upgrade involves different bowls and lenses, then - I think - your
results depend at least as much on the lenses as on the bulbs. Not claiming
any great expertise here, but do feel that the point is worth consideration.

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Hi Simon - quick question about your response below:

I see people asking the same question I have - do the LED replacements allow
you to see farther down the road at night?  A LOT of the responses indicate
the color of the light is 'brighter' or 'whiter' than the original light,
and I think you say the same thing below.

By 'brighter' do you mean you can see farther down the road with the LEDs
than Halogen headlights?


Al Fuller

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Anyone install these ?
 Could you please give review ? 
Work well, so far. Not 100% convinced as to their longevity. (If it seems
too good to be true, it usually is!) I bought these:-
See attached pic.
I had already switched to Halogens, so had the right bowls(?) in my
headlights and the correct H4 connection. But that's easily done.
They were cheaper than I'd expected.
Do they reach out well or not as well as standard lights?
Certainly. "Standard lights"...? If you mean the silly old (original) round
bulb, there's no comparison. If you mean modern H4 Halogens, yes much
brighter. A sort of stark, very white, clear bright light. You'll be the one
doing the dazzling, rather than  being dazzled.
Also put LEDs into a pair of Cibie Oscars so the total light available is
faintly ridiculous!
The 4 LEDs, 2 head and 2 fog/spot, use less juice than the previous pair of
See my notes which I compiled prior to the swap. I did not allow for the
bulkiness of the H1s for the fog/spots ie the volume to the rear of the
mounting plates, so had to get a different pair.
All in all? Easy and cheap means of getting visibility at night. 
Caveats?...Longevity, per above.
Hope this helps.

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