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Per the article I sent you, if you tap the end of the valve inwards, it’s almost got to loosen up. But you can expect that the spring will disintegrate so you better have another to hand.

New handle? Don’t know. If you get some brass rod that is a bit oversize, you can make your own. I’ve not got the space (or skills) for a lathe but an electric drill will serve. Hopefully, you’ve got a bracket for your drill on your workbench? Or a big enough vice. 

Stick the rod in the drill, switch on and reduce the rod in size with files. Using different shaped files, you can even put a little ball/knob on the end. Then put a thread on it and you’re set.

I’ve done a couple. They’re not things of particular beauty, but they serve and look better than a bolt. Trouble is, no matter how nice the handle is, the whole valve is a pretty flimsy contraption and, unless appropriately greased and frequently used, it’ll probably seize up again.



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I removed the valve and the valve was open, even if the the direction was not as believed. I took it apart a few years ago. It is stuck open. Is there a source for the handle? I sprayed it down with stuff to loosen it up. Will try and see if I can get it to budge. Thanks folks.

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Ira, The heater valve is open when the handle is in line with the hose and closed when 90 degrees to the hose.  Your valve doesn't look fully open with the handle not fully in line with the hose outlet. I see the original handle had to be replaced with a screw. Those brass bat handles tended to break off at times where it threaded in to the valve stem.   

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Hello all,
Preparing to install my alum radiator. Thought I would flush the cooling system.
Which diretion direction does water flow? From block though 
Shut off vavle into heater core, or through pipe and back into block through the shut off valve?
Is my valve in open ir closed position? Heater controls not reinstalled yet. Unit get hot so Ill asume open, but want to confirm. Removed thermostat to help water flush ststem easier. Im going to add extra hose and splice in a water hose bib. That way I can remove it and put system back in place.
Im off this week, but the rain gods are laughing at me. So I'm just getting everything ready for the sweet spot of having time and sunshine so I can back the car out of the garage and flush the system. I plan to drain the anti freeze and fill with flush chemicals and water when I'm ready to flush. Bought new anti freeze for my new radiator.
Driving season is fast approaching.
Happy roads and saftey fast

Ira Erbs
Portland, OR
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