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Ira:  If I recall my experience with the heater valves in the block and radiator correctly,  I did this;

Remove the valve;  remove the cotter pin;  remove the small spring if it is still there.  A replacement may be needed if the old one is not functional.  Tap on the end of the valve that had the spring and cotter pin and it should pop apart.  The valve is conical in shape so constant tension is needed to keep it seated.  I applied toothpaste to the valve cone, put the two parts together, chucked the spring end in my drill, and seated the the two mating parts of the valve.  You can tell when you are done when both surfaces are bright and shiny with no corrosion.  This would be the reverse of seating in the engine valves.  You are pulling the two surfaces together instead of pushing.  Other abrasive products could be used but the finer the better.  New spring and cotter pin if needed and your valve is as good as new.

My valve handle was also broken.  I do not remember if it was originally screwed in.  I ended up tapping a piece of rod in the hole with a tight / press fit.  It's steel but it won't break and I'm not going for concours.

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  I removed the valve and the valve was open, even if the the direction was not as believed. I took it apart a few years ago. It is stuck open. Is there a source for the handle? I sprayed it down with stuff to loosen it up. Will try and see if I can get it to budge. Thanks folks.

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