[Healeys] 1967 BJ8 BRG Restored last 15 years

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Apr 3 17:39:14 MDT 2019

I think Elton's range is in the ballpark.  About a year ago, a nice, low 
mileage BRG BJ8 was for sale in the North Bay Area, and I believe it was 
a no sale at $50K.  I think, unfortunately, that someone will really try 
to lowball a widow.

'Round the block' miles or no, it'll need new rubber if it's going to be 
driven anywhere besides, well, 'round the block.'


On 4/2/2019 6:08 PM, Elton Schulz wrote:
> Hard to say definitively unless one has some good resolution photos to 
> look at. Or better yet someone who knows Healeys to personally inspect 
> it inside and out. My guess would be somewhere between 50K and 65K 
> based on today's market.
> Elton
> BJ7
> On 4/2/2019 11:36 AM, Robert Begani wrote:
>> My neighbor and fellow Healey owner has passed, so I am trying to 
>> help his wife with the sale of Jack’s BJ8.  It is in perfect 
>> condition as he only drove it to shows where he usually took an 
>> award.  Two months ago before his passing,  It was hard for him to 
>> get it started in the garage as it was not driven. I was able to get 
>> it started and running, so he took it to the local garage to have the 
>> filters replaced and the carbs cleaned.  The older mechanic owner who 
>> used to do a lot of work on British Cars back in the day, suggested 
>> replacing the gas tank. Oh, it has brand new 9 year old ‘Michelin 
>> tires with round the block miles.
>> Would you guys have any idea what it is worth in todays market?
>> The owner’s wife will be letting the British Car Clubs of Tampa and 
>> Ft. Myers know it is available.  Meanwhile, you guys have first 
>> knowledge of this car.  She will look through their records and tell 
>> me who and when the restoration was made, somewhere up north.
>> By the way, the older 911 Porsche last of the air cooled is for sale, 
>> also.
>> Bob Begani
>> 67 BJ8
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