[Healeys] 1967 BJ8 BRG Restored last 15 years

Robert Begani rfbegani at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 09:36:41 MDT 2019

My neighbor and fellow Healey owner has passed, so I am trying to help his
wife with the sale of Jack's BJ8.  It is in perfect condition as he only
drove it to shows where he usually took an award.  Two months ago before his
passing,  It was hard for him to get it started in the garage as it was not
driven. I was able to get it started and running, so he took it to the local
garage to have the filters replaced and the carbs cleaned.  The older
mechanic owner who used to do a lot of work on British Cars back in the day,
suggested replacing the gas tank.  Oh, it has brand new 9 year old 'Michelin
tires with round the block miles.


Would you guys have any idea what it is worth in todays market? 


The owner's wife will be letting the British Car Clubs of Tampa and Ft.
Myers know it is available.  Meanwhile, you guys have first knowledge of
this car.  She will look through their records and tell me who and when the
restoration was made, somewhere up north.


By the way, the older 911 Porsche last of the air cooled is for sale, also. 


Bob Begani

67 BJ8

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