[Healeys] Which Harness?

Michael MacLean rrengineer.mike at att.net
Wed Oct 31 23:22:25 MDT 2018

     I have a wiring harness that was given to me by a restorer friend just before he passed away.  He told me it was a BN2 harness.  It is cloth with PVC wires.  The pictures I have of most restorations that clearly show the main harness against the firewall are cloth and braid covered wires.  I can see the color codes of the braided wires that align with some of the PVC wires of my harness, but I seem to have a few extra wires coming out of the harness where there should not be any.  How can I tell the difference between a BN1 and a BN2 main harness that is cloth and PVC.  There is also four smaller harnesses of which I am sure one or more will connect to the main harness somewhere.  A little bit more to deal with here than my Bugeye that I installed in 2000.Mike MacLean

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