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I sent two e-mails to Damper Doctor, and called them twice.  I never
received a response to any of those efforts, so I decided to go with the
Pro-Race damper.


Steve Byers


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Perhaps check:  www.damperdoctor.com , they rebuild as well as sells
harmonic balancer and they are located in Redding, CA.




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Am still (just about) toying with the idea of getting a harmonic balancer.
Maybe not tomorrow, but maybe whenever one turns up at a decent price.

The Pro Race seems to be favoured by some of you. Most of you even. 

It being  manufactured in Australia, that seemed like the place to look. And
it is cheaper there. But the postage is ludicrous..approx £175 to buy and
approx. £85 to ship. 

Just how heavy are these things? 


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