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Richard Collins gonnagitcha90 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 28 10:51:05 MDT 2018

Thanks as this is excellent info for the records.

Further FYI, I used to use a particular classic car insurance company (fairly well known) and part of the renewal program was to photo the secure area where my cars were kept. No big deal I thought until I soon received a nonRenewal/cancel notice from them. The reason? I had a lift in my garage !

After much unpleasantry between myself and the broker, they agreed to keep me covered if I submitted a limitation of liability letter to eliminate their risk of the lift from any claim I might submit.
With all the other liability limits they had, after many years of claimless premium paying to them, I dropped them ASAP and went elsewhere. 

Again, read the fine print of your policy and/or ask questions of your broker/underwriter or caveat emptor...

Richard C
BN7 440

> On Oct 28, 2018, at 10:42 AM, Bob Spidell <bspidell at comcast.net> wrote:
> Richard, et al,
> Thanks to this, I looked into certification.  Found lots of good info here: https://www.autolift.org/
> I've contacted Mohawk sales; still waiting for a reply from a 'local' distributor.
> Bob
>> On 10/24/2018 7:18 AM, Richard Collins wrote:
>> My Rotary Revolution 4post was Made in America when I bought and assembled myself 10-12 years ago.
>> I did substantial research and found the critical points, Chinese or not, was the weight of the steel used and the locking mechanism being failsafe as possible. A Chinese one I saw had ramps which Bent when driven on and off with a vehicle whose weight was well within its specs.
>> I went to several “good guys” hot rod shows and looked at various models on display. The quality differences are noticeable. The higher quality ones have certifications and insurance coverage as well.
>> Mine has paid for itself many times over.
>> Regards,
>> Richard C
>> BN7 440
>> And several other brands
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