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Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Tue Oct 23 15:19:29 MDT 2018


I sure hope that a concours guide isn’t written or modified like this.  This
is just a bunch of here say over email.


What you need to do, if it even matters, is to take an original badge to a
badge restorer that does both enamel and cloisonné and have them evaluate it
and determine how it was made.  That should be documented on that companies
letterhead and that documentation should be used to either update the
concours guide or leave it as is.  If that is not how concours guides are
done, than I’ve lost all respect for concours.  Without that, its just a
bunch of guys bickering claiming to be “The Expert”.  It should not be based
on some generic 25 year old statement that “auto badges are enamel”, either.


I am no expert, and do not claim to be.  However, I just took an original
cloisonné badge that I have from a 1940s aircraft restoration that I’m doing
that has red in it, and compared it to my non-hyphenated Austin Healey Mk
III badge and they look very similar.  To this untrained eye, I cannot tell,
but it’s not obvious.


Take one to an expert or several experts.  Not many people are doing
cloisonné repair anymore; I have checked to repair my aircraft badge, and I
am not sure if there are any in the U.S., but it’s been awhile since I
checked.  A badge restoration shop that does both cloisonné and enamel
repair is the only qualified place to know for sure.


My unsolicited 2 cents.



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