[Healeys] Paint type and color - ammendment

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I think it looks great.

I used PamelaDavid for mine but they are local.

A few years ago,  our cat knocked a pile of logs onto the nose of my 3000. Actually did some damage..dents here and there.

Insurance said OK so I took it to their local approved paint people.

“A few days”, they said which was fine.

I ring them up….”Not quite finished”. OK.

Again….”Not quite finished.” Beginning to wonder.

And again….”Not quite finished”. So, I think “B*****ks to this” and drive over. “What’s happening? Where’s my car?”

“Er, it’s nearly finished…”

Me, “I want to see it. Now”.

A lot of reluctance later, I find it. Repainted, but the badge is missing.

Me, “Where’s the badge?” (It had recently be redone by PamealDavid).

“Oh, we always replace badges in the event of front end damage.”

Me, “But it was 100% undamaged”.

Them, “It’s company policy and fortunately the new one’s just arrived.” Produces a very nasty repro. “We’ve thrown the old one away. Company policy”.

Me, “Either you find it or I’m calling the police right now.”

Them, actually a manger type,..”Well, we might be able to search”.

Me, “Right, I’m calling them now.”

Them, “Oh, I just remember.” Produces it from his desk drawer. I guess he’d have sold it or he was a collector.

Be careful of spray shops in Exeter, Devon!




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Ooh!  I just got a look at a blow-up of my picture.  That looks terrible.  Be advised that the picture was taken a long time after the badge was painted.  Like I said, it looks good from a favorable distance.   ;-)





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