[Healeys] BJ8 at RM Hershey auction

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The photo Simon showed is of the TOP of the shock tower.  In addition to the complete VIN stamped on the OUTSIDE of the shock tower on BJ8s, they also have the number on the top, as apparently other 3000s also have.  The number on top cannot be related to a VIN now, if it ever could be.  I believe (with no proof) the number on top was stamped during manufacture of the frame, and probably was a tracking number used to account for the frames against a purchase order for a quantity of them.


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Simon, is this a chassis number, body number or ????


Space for stamping looks too small for 6 digit chassis number.



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That’s wrong. My MkII BT7 certainly does. Can’t remember about the Mk Is etc.

Bill Bolton, Mr Tricarb himself, was always very keen to get those numbers for his archive.

The numbers are fairly hard to access unless the front end is pretty much stripped down. 

See attached. Not mine. Can’t remember whose….maybe Bill sent it to me to show where to look.

He pointed out that they can get virtually lost under a few coats of paint.



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BT7 3000s did not have the # stamped on the shock towers.

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