[Healeys] BJ8 at RM Hershey auction

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Oct 17 13:22:38 MDT 2018

I'm getting the feeling that an MGB 100M would absolutely KILL IT at 
Barrett-Jackson (especially if it had triple Webers and diamond tuck 
leather interior).

On 10/17/2018 4:34 AM, BJ8Healeys wrote:
> Earl, as to the official nomenclature for the color of the Metallic 
> Golden Beige cars:  I have copies of certificates for 89 of them. 
> Eighty-seven give the color name as "Metallic Golden Beige".  One 
> gives it as "Golden Beige", and one (yours) gives it as "Beige" with 
> the notation after that "Probably Golden Beige Metallic".
> My conclusion would be that the official name as documented in the 
> majority of cases is "Metallic Golden Beige", with Golden Beige 
> Metallic being not recorded in the build records but as "Beige" was 
> interpreted by the BMIHT staffer who produced your certificate.
> The Metallic Golden Beige Registry does still exist with John 
> Heffron.  It is not an officially-recognized AHCA registry and 
> therefore not listed in Healey Marque magazine.  I believe John 
> documents only cars for which the owner has contributed information to 
> him.  The BJ8 Registry goal is to document ALL BJ8s whether or not any 
> owner can be identified.  To accomplish this goal, I have had 
> invaluable help from a friend in England who has researched for me in 
> the BMIHT archives for more than 15 years.  The BJ8 Registry has ALL 
> of the 553 original Metallic Golden Beige cars included, so any cars 
> John has in his register are incorporated in the BJ8s.  I do not know 
> if John tries to record any details beyond the VIN, as does the BJ8 
> Registry.
> Steve Byers
> HBJ8L/36666
> BJ8 Registry
> AHCA Delegate at Large
> Havelock, NC

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