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Thank you for the history. Makes things much clearer in my mind and reminds of the time I told Wes Plemons he was crazy for getting rid of his Metallic Golden Beige car with red interior by trading it straight across for a Triumph GT6. Of course this was in either very late 1968 or very early 1969 while we were both in the military, so the cars just didn't carry the same weight back then. Plus he was enamored by the stance of the GT6 and thought the Healey was "heavy".  Young and stupid I guess you could say. But, who knew?
Steven Kingsbury
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Hi, Darryl  -


With exactly 553 cars leaving the factory in Metallic Golden Beige paint, they represent 3% of total BJ8 production.  It is not true that all were built in calendar year 1967.  The first one (32552) was built 14 - 15 July 1965 and sent to the Donald M. Healey Motor Company in Warwick.  It was Bic Healey who said that he was responsible for the color on BJ8s because he had always admired it on Jaguars.  Given the build date and destination of the first car, it is possible that it was intended as a "prototype" for DMHCo to evaluate how the color looked on an Austin-Healey.   This car still exists in private ownership in England.  The second car (38374) was built 4 October - 23 November 1966 as an Earls Court show car.  Perhaps this one was intended to gauge public reaction before going into production, although it seems likely that by that date a lot of additional Metallic Golden Beige chassis had already been built, painted, and delivered to Abingdon.  This car also still exists in England.  The third car was 40190, which began production on 12 January 1967.   The rest of them were built in calendar year 1967, but not all in chassis number sequence.  Rather, there are chassis numbers in sequence for groups of different sizes, interspersed with other colors.  The first four cars were UK Home market specification, the first and third had red leather trim, the second had red Ambla.

The first LHD car was 40202, with Black Ambla trim.  It was also a Personal Export Delivery car.


516 of them were LHD (93%), 37 (7%) were RHD.  Of the RHD, 35 were UK Home Market, 1 went to Japan, and 1 to Switzerland.

86 had red trim (16%), 467 had black (84%).

71 LHD cars had red trim (16%),  445 had black trim (84%).  Only 1 of the 445 had black leather, the rest had Ambla.  No LHD cars had red leather.

15 RHD cars had red trim (41%), 22 had black trim (59%).  None had black leather, 2 had red leather.


Distribution of the LHD Metallic Golden Beige cars through Ports of Entry is given in the attachment.  POEs are as identified in BMIHT data.



Steve Byers


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G'day all,

My BJ8 was factory finished in Metallic Golden Beige (Code BG19) with a build date of late April early May 1967 according to my BMIHT Certificate and has a black interior.

According to Anders Ditlev Clausager's book "Original Austin-Healey", Metallic Golden Beige is a rare colour, that I am led to believe to be only applied to the 1967 BJ8's, with the MGB/Red interior being the rarest of all. Steve Byers, please chime in mate if I am wrong.

If this info is correct, any BJ8 in MGB that is NOT a '67 model then it is not the original colour.


Darryl Ross


Wagga Wagga NSW


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