[Healeys] BJ8 at RM Hershey auction

Deejay2650 deejay2650 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 20:16:24 MDT 2018

G'day all,
My BJ8 was factory finished in Metallic Golden Beige (Code BG19) with a
build date of late April early May 1967 according to my BMIHT Certificate
and has a black interior.
According to Anders Ditlev Clausager's book "Original Austin-Healey",
Metallic Golden Beige is a rare colour, that I am led to believe to be only
applied to the 1967 BJ8's, with the MGB/Red interior being the rarest of
all. Steve Byers, please chime in mate if I am wrong.
If this info is correct, any BJ8 in MGB that is NOT a '67 model then it is
not the original colour.
Darryl Ross
Wagga Wagga NSW
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