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I am fairly certain there is another cover that installs between the fixed bulkead over the bellhousing and the main trans. cover. Similar to what I have with the 3000 but it is somewhat different. I know this as over the years I have received photos of these parts and I believe I have some that apply to your situation. I will forward you an email from a very helpful member who originally sent these to me.

Tim Davis BN7

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I have a fiberglass tunnel cover from BCS for my BN2.  Of course, the BN2 is a side shift trans.  Getting the car as a rolling shell I have no idea how to assemble the front of the tunnel to the front bulkhead.  As it looks, the tunnel cover is too short to reach the front bulkhead if it is to also contact the sheet metal of the permanent rear tunnel cover between the seats.  I have the sheet metal front tunnel cover that screws into the floor and the front bulkhead, but the screws are not available from Moss.  I suppose some generic sheet metal screws would work, but what size?  I can get sheet rubber from someplace like Grainger's but I have no idea how it was fastened to the bulkhead cover.  It looks like there was a square strip of insulation that glues to the top of the cover where it contacts the front bulkhead, but of course that is not available from Moss also.  There are no seal kits for the trans tunnel cover for BN1 or BN2 from Moss.  Why is that?  I am at a loss how all this goes together.  What have you 4 cylinder guys done to seal this area?  Does anyone have any detailed pictures of these parts separate and/or in place on a BN1/2?
Mike MacLean

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Hi Tim. Not much help with your specific question as I did my BN7 tunnel work 25 years ago and no longer own the car. However, one thing I wish I would have done is to really re-engineer the way the tunnel and bulkhead pieces fit together, and made strong fasteners that could pull the seal tight and prevent the heat from flowing into the cockpit. If only ---   I think it would have been simple enough to do before the engine was in the car but I just didn’t remember and appreciate what a bodge it really was as original.  If you do that and pull it up tight you may be able to better judge whether your shifter will function properly. Jim  From: Healeys [mailto:healeys-bounces at autox.team.net] On Behalf Of Tim Davis BN7
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Subject: [Healeys] Fwd: Side shift trans covers Trying again, since the original post I have rebuilt the rusted flanges on both sections and they look new now. I have both uncarpeted sections set in place but with the front bellhousing section in place, where it seems to fit best, the hole for the shifter is not centered over the trans. See attached. Will this positioning work ? I can't move the main cover to the left much as it is over the drive shaft hump. Also does the front flange of the trans cover screw  onto the bellhousing cover? I believe cupped trim screws are used for the sides of the bellhsg cover but what is used for the floor flanges, self tapping type? I have two snaps on each side of the man cover for the carpet, is there one or two on the drvshaft tunnel?I also posted this question awhile ago to another Healey forum (https://www.ahexp.com/phorum/read.php?3,205482 ) worded a little differently but have received no useful responses.  
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Subject: Side shift trans covers  I am about to install my two covers  after first test fitting for a couple welding repairs. My front footwells are newly carpeted and the forward section is lapping over the carpet on the sides, IS This correct?When I try to fit that first piece alone where it would seem to be the Main cover is too far forward i.e small gap at the drive shaft tunnel. So I am thinking I need to get the big one in place regarding the tunnel and the access holes which will be pulling the front section back where it doesn't look like it would like to be ideally.Does anyone have any photos of the two sheetmetal covers in place or being installed/removed? Or any other words of wisdom?  
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