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Bruce, there is no official specific "cutoff" point from the rectangular plate to the one with rounded ends, since this change is not identified in the parts manual.  I have been documenting the shape of the plate for each car in the  BJ8 Registry for many years in an effort to narrow down the "point".  As best as can be determined from the database at the moment, the point where the rectangular plates consistently end and the rounded-end plate consistently appears is chassis 40353.  The plate for chassis 40287 is rectangular.
German-spec cars had a different plate, since it had spaces below the VIN for the vehicle front and rear axle and total weights.  Those plates continued to be rectangular.

The data suggests that the plate for 38883 should be rectangular.

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Hi again Listers,
What is the cutoff for the regular ID plate and the one with the rounded corners for the BJ8? I keep seeing that the rounded one was used in “late” production cars. My car is number 38883, is that “late” and should have the rounded one??? Thanks!


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