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You tell us that „ failures are .. often due to .. the people, owners or mechanics, who maintain the cars (and thus pumps).”

Well I am one of those.

I bought my 100 in 1998 and the only problems that occurred with the fuel pump were when the car still was in the hands of the past owner. It just didn’t start when I inspected the car for the first time. So we postponed the buying, he got the problem sorted out and I didn’t have further problems with the pump itself. Some days ago there was a problem with the connection of the electric wire outside the pump, which just had to be screwed on again – so this was solved.

Now I got the pump in the car and an extra one that was used already and that I bought rather cheap. The Healey gets driven app. 2.500 km per year. Car and extra pump are stored in a garage kept at 50 % humidity. Apart from cleaning the points and putting acid free paper in on the spare pump, what are your suggestions on service and storage of the pump in the car and the spare?





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All I wanted to say is that some of the listers have been unfortunate with the SU-pump while most others do not have the problems these listers have encountered. There is no doubt that they had the problems. I may not have used the proper wording as English is not my native tongue.

In my opinion the failures are not often due to the pumps themselves but to the people, owners or mechanics, who maintain the cars (and thus pumps). Most of the pumps I have dismantled show this. Nearly all failed pumps I get in are in very good condition but for the adjustment or corrosion of the points due to lack of knowledge of the pump, use and maintenance or improper storage. Most are not aware that the pumps should be serviced once in a while and do not know how to go about it. Wacking the pump repeatedly and not servicing the pump first thing when this happens shows that.

Other rare but unfortunate failures are a burned coil or leaking valves through trapped dirt. As another lister suggested other factors like fuel blockage may play a role as well. 


Kees Oudesluijs

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