[Healeys] Fuel pumps (AGAIN!)

Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Thu Nov 29 11:28:01 MST 2018

Hi Bob,


Interesting discussion on pumps.  


I think the mileage you are driving has to be much higher than the typical
Healey owner and could exacerbate the problem.


I'm just going through all of this on my Triumph Stag; replacing pump,
making sure fuel and vent lines are clear, etc.  The old pump died but it
was a Facet pump and was never meant for that car; going back to stock.


On your Healey, I think I would look at what other things would stress the
pump if its something other than the pump itself.   Some good suggestions
the last few days.


I think I would:

a.	disconnect the fuel lines and blow them out with compressed air to
make sure there is no obstruction as Michael suggested.
b.	Is your pump in the stock location?  If not, that may be part of the
problem.  I've read recently on other brand pumps (Facet) losing their prime
if higher than the fuel tank.  Certainly that would stress the pump.
c.	I'd check the voltage regulator to make sure that you aren't frying
your points if its set too high as Tom suggested.
d.	Not sure how your pump is vented as Kees referred to.  Mine is not
vented to the trunk, but just using the std vent, but mine doesn't get
driven much anymore and only in dry conditions.  But years ago, I did drive
it back from the Tri-Healey event in OK in pouring rain the entire trip for
about 5 hours, and it didn't skip a beat.
e.	I don't think the Healey fuel system is really vented; certainly
there is no egr system.  But I think maybe the fuel cap is vented sort of.
Not sure if that is stock on yours or partially plugged.  If it was
completely plugged, I think you'd have performance problems, but any
restriction there is going to stress the pump.  Again, not sure if it is
vented the way it's designed, but I think so.
f.	Lastly, are the pumps you're using the correct specs for the model
Healey you have?  Sounds obvious, but some of the suppliers these days sell
parts that aren't really 100% correct; they are close and they work most of
the time in most applications, but if they can stock 1 or 2 different parts
instead of 10, they will.  If that's questionable, I'd go to Healey Surgeons
or David Nock.


Best of luck,



'65 BJ8

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