[Healeys] BN1/2 Heater Clips

Perry healeyguy at aol.com
Mon Nov 26 17:57:27 MST 2018

Moss has a listing for the 100, Part # 363 026, that looks correct, hook on one end and “S” hook on the other end. The part # for the clip shown in your photo with the “S” hook on both ends is 363 380, which is used on Sprites and Midget and a few others.  

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Just a comparison shot of the difference between the BN1/2 heater clip and a BN4 and later heater clip.  It definitely makes a difference for a more secure assembly for my BN2 heater.  Notice the small curved end of the early clip that fits over the small lip of the round heater cover.  Early clip is also shorter making for a nice tight fit.
Mike MacLean

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