[Healeys] bolt identification - another article

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Curt – is there such a thing as a thread gauge for BA threads?  I think not as the TPI on a BA fastener is truly weird.


Despite having a few thread gauges, taps and dies for most BSW, BSF, CEI, NHF, UNC, some BA and some BSPP, and a number of references, I still occasionally get a stumper that does not fit anything.  BTW, if anyone is contemplating buying taps and dies, I highly recommend Tracy Tools in the UK.  They sell a range of qualities, all at good prices and provide very fast turn-around. https://www.tracytools.com/  I have no personal interest in them excepting seeing good people rewarded with business.




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Here's what I consider the minimum for fasteners if you have British/European cars, and work on them. See attached photo... 


I also have a very limited but nice set of BSF, BSW and BA taps and dies made in Germany of very high quality HSS.  Also a set of BSF Helicoils in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8".





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