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Bruce, if you don't want your new plate to look obviously "home made" after
it is stamped, you need to have a new plate made by Todd Clarke:
I have no financial interest in this, but as BJ8 Registrar I have seen a
whole lot of re-stamped plates, and most of them are really crude.  Todd is
the only one I know of who can make the plate look as close to original in
stamping technique and font.  You have to show him evidence that you own the
car that the VIN plate is for, and provide a blank plate.  These are
available from various sources.  The late BJ8 plate should have a paint
"cutout" around the screw holes.

Todd made a new plate for me because my original was rather tired and one of
the screw holes was torn out.  The result is attached.  When I bought my new
blank plate, the one with the paint cutouts was not available.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
AHCA Delegate at Large
Havelock, NC  

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Hi all,
I have to stamp a new ID Plate for my car. The one it came with was lost. So
i need to know how it should look on the plate. Based on my limited research
it might look something like this:


With all letters and numbers lined up consecutively without spaces, roughly
centered on the plate?


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