[Healeys] bolt identification - another article

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Yes, I dug something similar out just now. In a little box, “Starret No.7” or similar. Appears to be all BA. Nice little thing. Looks like it’s never been used and likely never will be! If I’m right about its provenance, +/-1944.

Also a little red fold-up hard back 4 page booklet:- “The Instantus”. “Standard Size and Thread Table Compiled by Cyril Best for Engineers, Draughtsmen & Mechanics”. Said individuals would have had to have damn good eyesight as the 4 pages are about 2.25” by 4.25”.

I’ve a book, “Pull’s Workshop Practise” that covers some of the same ground. God knows how/why it wound up on my shelves. A cracking read by the way! Real bedtime stuff.



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Wow – where is my Christmas list?


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Of course there is... I have one.



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Curt – is there such a thing as a thread gauge for BA threads?  I think not as the TPI on a BA fastener is truly weird.


Despite having a few thread gauges, taps and dies for most BSW, BSF, CEI, NHF, UNC, some BA and some BSPP, and a number of references, I still occasionally get a stumper that does not fit anything.  BTW, if anyone is contemplating buying taps and dies, I highly recommend Tracy Tools in the UK.  They sell a range of qualities, all at good prices and provide very fast turn-around. https://www.tracytools.com/  I have no personal interest in them excepting seeing good people rewarded with business.




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Here's what I consider the minimum for fasteners if you have British/European cars, and work on them. See attached photo... 


I also have a very limited but nice set of BSF, BSW and BA taps and dies made in Germany of very high quality HSS.  Also a set of BSF Helicoils in 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8".





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