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Steve ,
Just checked my car, #41574. Bonnet latch-#U338, Bonnet hinge#U338, Boot lid is a replacement from 1969, no #. You should have my other Heritage Trust info. Hope this helps?
Warren   67BJ8

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Hello, Healeyphiles -

I am trying to respond to a request from a BJ8 owner and I need some data to do it.  I am asking all BJ8s owners to tell me the "body parts code" for their car.  This is the number stamped on the fixed part of the bonnet latch in front of the radiator, the driver's side (LHD) bonnet hinge, and the bracket attaching the prop rod to the boot lid.  In order to verify the possibility of correlation to the chassis number, I also will need your car's chassis number.  Examples of these numbers are attached.

Until recently, I was not recording body parts codes in the registry so I do not have a lot of data.  However, the data I do have shows that there is a pattern to the numbers and it might be possible to relate a given code to an unknown chassis number and vice versa.  The person who requested this information is restoring chassis 41212 and has a new bonnet latch, bonnet hinges, and boot lid.  He wants to determine the original body parts code so he can stamp them into the appropriate parts.

I will report the results of this study.  Thanks for your help.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
AHCA Delegate at Large
Havelock, NC  

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