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Here is the latest from Steve.  The link below is to the GOFUNDME site:


My car is gone as well as everything else. I've got my dog, some papers, a few clothes and my Nissan Xterra, that's about it. So it's going to be a complete reboot with a clean slate. My town of Paradise is being very careful as to when we are going to be allowed back in to view the damage. Lots of toxic waste, and they don't want folks exposed. They are going to supply hazmat suits to us when we're allowed back in to go through the rubble and I guess FEMA is supposed to supply those for us. It is truly a mess and the cleanup is going to be hazardous, so they are taking no chances. Until then it is a waiting game. 

   I had about a half an hour to gather stuff and get out! I was reeling from being sick the night before and working on about two hours sleep, so some things slipped through the cracks, but I made it out. And more importantly, I will make it through this and live to tell the story. So next time we get together, we'll have beer or two and the stories will flow.



It appears that Stinky has lost him home in Paradise in the recent fires.  Here is a link to his Facebook page, and pasted below for those of you who don’t use Facebook.  There appears to be a “Gofundme" fundraising effort underway to help him out.


Steve is doing well, but i don’t know anything regarding his Healey or MBB. 


Best, Mike





Our dear friend Steve "Stinky" Kingsbury lost his home to the wild fire up north in Paradise Ca.  Most of the town was lost.  Our hearts go out  to him at this most difficult time and he needs our help.  Any  contribution you can make, no matter how much, would be greatly appreciated. Lets help Stinky rebuild! Thank you very much.❤ 34405032_154188851388159_r.jpeg <https://d2g8igdw686xgo.cloudfront.net/34405032_154188851388159_r.jpeg> 


>From Stinky:


It's Monday and I'm still in Clarksburg with no idea as to when I will be able to return to Paradise and take a look at what was once a town. Cell phone reception here is spotty at best, so talking is being done through this facebook connection. Not much of an update, but I'm still doing well. And doing well is just fine with me. Thank you all for the kind thoughts, offers of all kinds and I want you to know I appreciate it more than you can imagine.


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