[Healeys] Pointless Fuel Pump

Albert Seminatore alsemus1 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 16:52:41 MST 2018

I am not the only one with this problem.
After installing the pointless board for SU fuel pump in a 1960 AH BT7 the
pump wont work.
  The coil is energized which raises the magnet.
   Moving the Hall fork does nothing the magnet stays raised.
   Switch the wires on the board (Red and Black to the Coil)  the magnet
stays raised.
I have called SU in the UK.  I have called both Dave DuBois and Udo
Putzke.  The answer was find someone in the local area who can repair it.
Well in the desert tortoises  don't understand electronics.

So I am appealing to this list hoping some one has had this problem and
knows how to resolve it  OR  knows someone who had the skill and test
equipment to fix it.  Any and all help is appreciated.
.........................    Al

Well i

Albert Seminatore
Mountain Falls, Pahrump, NV
eMail:  alsemus1 at gmail.com
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