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Curtis Arndt cnaarndt at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 19:16:47 MST 2018

Hi Daniel,

To me it depends if they are Steel or Bronze.  Steel was used on BN1/2s and
Bronze thereafter.  I believe the reproductions are Bronze.  Someone please
confirm this for me.

Steel ones are obviously rarer, which is why I restored two sets for my BN1
(the second set is for a car I plan to do in retirement in several years).

My plater first takes the steel knockoffs and strips the plating off.  He
then repairs the damage with heat, a hammer on an anvil, and if needed
welds on new metal.  He brings back the original shape of the ears without
removing any metal.  He then polishes and copper plates them before
spending them off to an engraver who re-engraves the markings making the
markings deeper.  Even on original knockoffs, the engraved lettering was
very thin in places.  Once done he finishes off with nickel and then chrome

Not cheap, $100 per knock off, but they are perfect.  Do the math, $800 to
do two sets of four.

The reproductions are nice and a lot cheaper, but Bronze.  This is just
what I choose to do on my Concours car.  Well worth the effort and expense
in my humble opinion.

Photos to follow.



On Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 2:36 PM Daniel White <healeydan at wowway.com> wrote:

> Listers,
> Can anyone come up with a suggestion regarding what to do with a bunch of
> used knock-offs?  These are really "used".
> I wouldn't trust them and they look like they got into a fight with a
> sledge hammer and lost.
> Maybe mount on a piece of walnut to be used as an award or ? ?  Right now
> they have an appointment with the recycle
> center.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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