[Healeys] How to keep the door open

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 Just went through this. For the ?nth time over my 51 year ownership. Michael Salter’s idea of the turnbuckle threads and taller nuts to grab more threads worked very well. New wood discs. It too finally stripped and I 
chased the threads and tried a new nut but the threads would not hold. Would not bite low enough on good threads.
 Time to just buy a new check system($70 +\-). I already have 2 sets of these(also non workable) things from donor doors. I must say the passenger door works just fine. Always the driver door, for obvious reason, is problematic. One more try before I pulled out the credit card. Found a thin cork washer, half the thickness of the wood one and similar diameter, and it allowed the new nut to just grab those few good threads at the bottom. It worked! At least for now?

WD  67BJ8

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Buy a replacement door check.

Best--Michael Oritt 

On Sat, Nov 3, 2018, 6:07 PM Albert Seminatore <alsemus1 at gmail.com wrote:
I have a BT7 whose drivers door won't stay open any more.  The passenger door is ok.
I have tried tightening the friction washer but it wont do any good.  There is a new "friction washer" installed but it doesn't do any good either.  The metal pieces have been "polished" over the years and are VERY smooth - like glass smooth.

What do other folks do to recover the friction need to keep the door open?
...................   Al

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