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That is one of the possible causes of the failure. But it does not explain why the failure is confined to the rear 3 cyls of the engine. Unless they are naturally hotter cylinders &/or they naturally receive less lubrication.

I am still hoping to receive comments about Piper Cams.

Gary Hodson 

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I trust the engine oil being used had the right concentration ofZinc dialkyldithiophosphate?  Proper concentrations should be 1500 to 1700 ppm.  Current engine oils are at about 500 – 600 ppm.
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A friend recently had a reground cam fail after a few years of normal use. The engine had been professionally rebuilt. There are several possible explanations, however one unusual thing he discovered is that the wear on the lobes & tappets is only apparent on cylinders 4,5 & 6. The worst visible wear is on the exhaust valve lobe/tappet of Cyl 6. & the least wear is on the exhaust valve lobe/tappet of Cyl 4.

Cyls 1,2 & 3 appear to be in very good condition.      


Does this suggest any specific cause for the failure? 


He will be having the cam & tappets replaced & will be using aPiper Camshaft, for an Austin Healey 3000, it is Part No. AH3BP270 (Fast Road) and is from a “billet” and not a regrind.


Are the Piper Cams generally considered good quality?


Any comments on this subject would be appreciated.


Gary Hodson

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