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thanks for that. I didn't know that. TON 792 wasn't actually a works car, but
entered as a part of the team in the '58 Alpine and Liège to make up numbers.
The car actually belonged to George Harriman who was Vice-chairman of BMC at the
time. My understanding was that it was returned to him after the season and
remained in private ownership. I didn't realise that one of the privateers
entered it in Le Mans in the early 60s.

As I read the entry list (available online) one of the intended drivers was one
Jim Clark. It must have been one of the few times he didn't get a start in
something he entered!

The only 100/6 I know of that had side vents was VOK 490 when it ran with a
special engine for the record attempts at Montlhèry in 57. Cambridge University
Car Club entered it with semi-official backing, but wasn't really a works car in
the sense that I meant.

I don't think the triangular vent with double strakes was seen on a works car
until 1960. I do however know that there had been issues with heat dissipation
in 100/6s converted to 3000 spec, eg PMO 203.

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On 19/03/2018 18:20, josef-eckert at t-online.de wrote:
> Peter,
> I know the original works 100/6, TON 792, was entered in 1961 for the Le Mans 24 hours by Cambridge Racing (2912cc engine installed). At that time its got side vents without the chrome strakes. It was the third reserve, but failed to make the grid. 
> Josef Eckert
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> Can anyone confirm my belief that no works 100/6 was fitted with a triangular
> side vent (front shroud) with two parallel chrome strakes on it?
> I am aware of some mods being done to remove additional heat at the very end of
> the 100/6 competition history, but not the above.
> Peter
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