[Healeys] BN7 on Ebay

John Rowe john at jtkarowe.com.au
Wed Mar 14 20:22:19 MDT 2018

Hi David

That is the thermostat(?) for the electric chokes fitted to early models Mk1 BN7 & BT7s.

I removed mine and replaced it all with a blanking piece

John Rowe

Qld Australia BT7


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Hi All,


I know Healeys pretty well, but surely don’t know everything about them. Maybe I just don’t know the earlier 6 cylinder cars, but this has me stumped. there’s a listing for a 1960 BN7 on Ebay. While viewing the shot if the engine, I see something that I can’t identify. Mounted to the head by 3 screws is a triangle shaped component with something protruding up from the middle. It is right next to the thermostat housing. What is that?





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