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I had not thought of that!  The suspension has not been on for nearly 30
years!  When I get the suspension on I will take a saw to the ends of my
wooden piece.





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That's a nice job Ian, but you will find the ends will foul the Spring
retaining lower plate (between the A arms) when the suspension is installed.
The seam gaps in the packers will prevent the spreader slipping so the ends
are not essential. 

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On 6 Mar 2018, at 12:16, Ian Hey <rianhey at btinternet.com> wrote:

The 3000 chassis is two top hat sections welded together along the short hat
brims which project up and down from the chassis.  These are then welded
together, which produces the seam which is visible above and below the
chassis.  If you grind off this seam the two halves of the chassis will be
separated.  (Also applies to front cross member)


My solution to not damaging the chassis when jacking is a wooden beam (3" x
2") situated on my trolley jack with wooden packings to make sure that the
seam is not in contact when the chassis is lifted.  This spans full chassis
width and spreads the load, and a wooden lug fits my trolley jack.  The wood
is not strong enough to support the car on its own, but does enough to
spread the load that the chassis is not damaged.  The dimensions must ensure
that the wooden packings support the vertical chassis sections, which will
not deflect, thus avoiding the application of load to the chassis sections
adjacent to the welds, which will deflect.  See photos.


I will eventually do a shorter metal support, with wood packings, to fit my
trolley jack.







<2018-03-06 Front x member jacking device.JPG>

<2018-03-06 Front x member jacking device 2.JPG>

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