[Healeys] Break in oil

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Mon Mar 5 02:43:37 MST 2018

There is no clear answer to that question. If the engine has been 
assembled using graphite/molybdenum grease on the bearings and camshaft, 
rockers etc. no pre-lube is necessary.
If the original tolerances and finishes are used, the running in method 
given by the manufacturer can be used with an oil and filter change at 
300mls or so. If modern tolerances and finishes are used hardly any 
running in is needed although it does not hurt to take it easy the first 
few thousands of miles. Running in oil can be used but any good (not 
recycled) 20W50 oil with a max SG spec. is OK. If the spec is higher you 
may add a running in dope or oil stabiliser like Lucas or STP or some 
extra ZDDP containing dope but do not overdo the latter An early oil 
change is not needed but cannot hurt.
Of course there is a whole area in between.

To be safe:
Squirt some engine oil on top of the pistons. Spin the engine for the 
first time with the plugs out, coil and fuel pump disconnected until you 
have oil pressure, only then fit the plugs and connect the coil and fuel 
pump again and start up the engine. It will smoke like hell for a few 
minutes. Let it run stationary for a few minutes an check the oil 
pressure. For longevity run the engine for long stretches (50mls+) at no 
more than 2000-2500rpm and with a feather light foot for the first few 
hundred miles and than increase load and speed gradually up to say 
5000mls, always being certain that the engine is hot when putting some 
load on the engine. Change oil at 500mls and than yearly assuming you 
will not do more than 5000mls a year. Use proper 50/50 coolant, 
absolutely not water only!!!
Fit the correct sleeved thermostat (important to get even and proper 
cooling) and check oil pressure and coolant temperature regularly.

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 4-3-2018 om 23:48 schreef David Masucci:
> Hi all,
> Well I finally have my BJ8 engine almost ready to go back in the chassis. This rebuild includes minor mods including a Denis Welch DSW-8 cam and bucket followers (with pockets in the block) and high capacity oil pump. This cam is drilled to provide oil to each lobe. The engine was also balanced. Once broken in I plan to run 20W-50 Valvoline racing full synthetic with ZDDP, which I’ve run in my XJ6 since 2012 or so.
> Based on what’ve I’ve read, I should start and run the engine at 2000 RPM for 20 minutes or so. My question is what should I use for break in? There are so many types. Does anyone have a recommendation?
> Thanks as always.
> Dave
> 64 BJ8
> 72 XJ6
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