[Healeys] Hot idle issue

Roger Grace roggrace at telus.net
Fri Jun 22 17:59:17 MDT 2018

My BJ8 does the same. 
I may be wrong, but think it may have something to do with engine compartment temp at the carb intake area; air becomes less dense and hence less O2 for combustion and mixture is now too rich at the idle setting and starts to splutter.
I have put in one of those cheepo home wireless temp monitors (Wallmart) in that area; in cabin able to monitor the engine compartment temp as well as the air temp.
Seems to start when compartment goes approaches 150F plus when idling on a hot day – particularly when the oil is hot after a run. Temp rises quite quickly when you stop. Also oil temp. 
One of the AH problems is that there does not seem to have a decent exit path for the air entering. You can blow all you want through the rad but you have to get the air out efficiently to keep engine compartment cooler. Don't have a solution but maybe a pair of boat bilge fans ? or redirect the cold air intake to carb area ? 

BTW have recently installed an electric water pump to improve cooling capability at idle – separate topic. 

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Had an idle issue when car got up to normal temp about 175 or so. Had the carbs looked at. Found low float level. Fixing that fixed idle issue,  but not it's back when car runs above 195 in hot day stop and go traffic.  New flex fan. Rotted out extra core radiator. New su fuel pump. Car idles, then rpms fall and car stalls unless I pull out choke or rev engine.  Vapor lock?? 
Any ideas?

Ira Erbs
Portland, OR
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