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Just went through this with a local parts store that has been selling British car parts for many years.  The woman that has taken over the business after her husband passed away now just sells parts.  He was a mechanic and used to work on British cars for years.  I went there looking for Castrol LMA for the brand new system in my BN2 and my Bugeye where I just replaced the flexible lines and all new shoes, turned drums etc.  The Bugeye has had Castrol LMA in it for the last 18 years, only topping off once in a while.  I did bleed the system in 2008 when I installed the clutch extension line.  OK, I'm not proud of the fact that it went so long without changing out the fluid.  In any event, the woman at the parts store knows I have a Bugeye and told me not to buy the Castrol fluid that I had put down on the counter.  She explained it is not made by the same people that used to make Castrol brake fluid of years past.  She recommended DOT 4 Lockheed brake fluid as that is who made the brake system originally anyway.  So, that is what is going in both cars.  The Bugeye will be mostly the new Lockheed fluid with a little of the old Castrol DOT 3 in the system that remains after bleeding the brakes and the clutch.Mike MacLean

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